Adapter med Skaft

Adapter med Skaft
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Adapter + Skaft

Save 50-70% by changing the shaft instead of the whole driver, you will also get a driver that better suit your swing.

Have your swing speed changed, is the trajectory too high or too low, not enough accuracy? Now there's no need to buy a new driver, just order a new shaft with an adapter that creates the perfect features for your swing and your driver. More then 60% of the performance of modern drivers comes from the shaft so if the driver is not working for you it's probably because it doesn't fit your swing.

1. Click on the adapter that fits your driver (or fairway wood).

2. Choose which player type your are.

3. If you want more advanced options click "change grip, shaft & length"

4. There's 100 of grips and shafts to choose from and the length is adjustable.

When you have placed the order we will start and assamble the adapter and grip to the shaft and send it to you. Once recieved all you need to do is to replace the old shaft (only takes a minute, see video) and you are ready to play.

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